Terms And Conditions

Ordering & Processing Policies

Amazon provides one of the lowest prices in the world for most of the items it holds. To get the latest price updates we recommend everyone to send the Product Link of your chosen item from Amazon, Newegg or other Authorized Websites to our Facebook Page. Visit Our Facebook Pages By Clicking The Link Below.

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The Calculation for the Foreign Currency to Local Currency Exchange Rates are Always Updated on our Facebook Page as well as the Website Information Pages. However products may still hold the old price. To ensure the latest price please send the link to our Facebook Page and ask for a Price Update. Furthermore our website only holds the items that have already been brought through somebody's order. It is possible to bring almost all items from USA and UK if you send the Product Link to our Facebook Page or Our Support Page.
Note: Price updates to the product links that are provided may take upto 48 hours to be provided. However, they are usually responded to within shorter times.

Operational Compliances

Privacy Compliances

Atlas BD core beliefs reside in company transparency  customer privacy and security. 

The social media login credentials are secured end to end by SSL encryption and are visible to the administration of the social networks. Atlas BD does not keep social media data for any purposes. Atlas BD does not use advertisement on our website and intend to do so. None of our customer's shopping datas and website visit patterns are sold to Big Data and Market Research.

General Compliances

Shipping Methods & Expected Shipping Times To order and use the services provided by Atlas BD, all parties herein are to be compliant of the following following compliances.
Parties Involved May Include: Customers, Beneficiaries, Suppliers, Manufacturers, Distribution Agents, Channels and Networks. The policies for ordering and processing must be complied with. The terms and conditions are subject to change with our without prior or post notice and announcement.

International shipping availability and speed is greatly influenced by international border relations and customs environment. Furthermore international holidays and holiday shipments may cause backlogs to the shipping time. Furthermore, Bangladesh customs have records of losing items upon arrival. In cases such as this, the products may not arrive or may have to be re-ordered.
Our standard international shipment times rangest 

Atlas Prime Shipping

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Atlas Prime shipping is only available on certain products. The product description pages will show the Atlas Prime logo and the during checkout the Atlas Prime Shipping method will also be available.

International Shipping

The estimated shipping time begins from the time that payments are complete and order formalities has been processed from the customer-end.Approximately 3.5 to 5.5 weeks is required for items from USA, UK and India Orders. Items from China or any other county will take 5 weeks to arrive.
Note: All dates are tentative dates not guaranteed. Items can arrive early or get delays.

Payment Policies:

Cash on Delivery (COD) is conditional.  Atlas Prime items are the only items that are applicable for complete Cash on Delivery. Any other items require advance payments as security deposits.
Products from USA, UK or China require a minimum advance payment of 50 to 100%. The amount of payment that is required depends on the type and price of item that is being ordered.
The advance payment confirmation must be provided with proof of payment. The proof of payment can be done through sending us the image of receipts such as Bank Deposit Slip or Screen Shot of bKash Transfer.

Minimum 50% - 100% of the Total Product Price is required as advance to place your orders. The Required Advance Amount varies depending on items.
The Advance is Refundable upon certain conditions please read the Refund and Return Policies for more details.
Minimum Product Price of Each Product Has to Be $20 or Equivalent to be Proceeded

NOTE: We Reserve the Right To Cancel, Refund and Change Payment Method Selection Depending On Product Availability and Feasibility. Pricing may change depending on available, feasibility, type of seller, foreign exchange rates and other variables.

Taxes and Other Charges

The Policies Are Still Being Processed and Compiled. They will be announced soon. Thank you for your patience.

Refund and Return Policies

The Policies Are Still Being Processed and Compiled. They will be announced soon. Thank you for your patience.